Whistler Grills – Lets Light Up Those Rooftops!

Whistler Grills offer a luxurious range of stainless steel freestanding gas barbecues, integrated built in grills and units, outdoor modular kitchens and a variety of accessories to match.
Available also is the bespoke option for all your drawers and cabinets, these can be in a range of finishes such as Powder Coated, Plastic Coated, Wood Finish Style, or Stainless Steel. You also have the option of any colour, whether to match existing décor or something completely new!
Take a look at the range they offer below and if you have any queries, please call us on 01268 491579 always happy to help.
The Bibury range is the most impressive of the Whistler portfolio. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel throughout, these sophisticated grills are premium in every aspect and are certainly designed to last. Whilst the Bibury’s compete with the very best in the market, Whistler go above and beyond by including a rotisserie and cover within the competitive and affordable price. The Bibury BBQ’s are the perfect centre piece and addition to any outdoor area.
The Whistler Burford built-in BBQ’s are offered in three different sizes to suit all needs, forming a sophisticated stainless steel centrepiece for your outdoor kitchen.


The Tetbury is high-quality Built-In head unit which is made from the highest quality materials yet sits nicely in the price bracket below our Burford Range.


Although at the cheaper end of Whistlers price range, the Broadway certainly doesn’t compromise in quality or performance.


The Whistler Stow has been added to the range to sit perfectly beneath its more expensive Bibury sisters. It is still packed with high quality features, but at a much lower price to suit those working to a budget.
The freestanding Cirencester 4 and 6 burners are both well established models that have been recently modernised to keep them right up to date in the ever changing BBQ market. These grills are extremely adaptable, and are packed with many impressive features, all whilst being fantastic value for money!



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