Mobile Welder

Site modifications offer an excellent solution for enhancing the flow of your kitchen while also creating additional space. Our mobile welder/fabricator has successfully implemented several improvements, including:

  • Incorporating a new sink
  • Removing a soup kettle, resulting in extra workspace
  • Adapting a tray slider to accommodate an additional display unit
  • Extending existing worktops
  • Extending existing Extract Canopy & much more

If you have a cook suite or any piece of equipment that needs removing this can be achieved. Kitchen remodeling is cheaper and environmentally friendlier than having to discard an entire built in cook suite. Old cookers, fridges, soup kettles and more can be removed, bench alterations, repairs and much more, all stainless steel welded and polished and finished to a high standard.

To discover how site alterations can benefit your kitchen, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01268 491579.

Incorporating a wash hand basin into an existing sink unit onsite

Removal of a soup kettle to make extra work bench space onsite

Cutting & shaping a tray slider to accommodate an additional display unit onsite

Extending existing worktops onsite

Extending existing Extraction Canopy onsite

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