Fermod Modular Shelving System 6611

6611 Standard Range

Assembly is through conic metal clamps manufactured in anodized aluminium ensuring extremely stable units. Fermostock can be installed in singular units or combinations allowing a number of configurations including “L” “U” “T” and “+” layouts. Using temperature -40°C to +60°C

Available standard sizes

4 x height of uprights at 1685, 1800 ,2100, 2400mm

3 x depths at 360, 460 560mm

10 x lengths at 660, 780, 900, 960, 1080, 1200, 1320, 1500, 1620, 1740mm


High rigidity due to the conception of assembly through conic metal clips manufactured in anodized aluminium ensuring extremely stable units.

Return angle on the full depth with complete unobstructed access.

Quick and easy assembly, without tools.

Possibility of adjusting levels without tools of 150mm increments to desired height.

Fine adjustment with composite inserts.

Operating temperature (-40°C/+60°C).

Easy cleaning through the use of removable shelf inserts (machine washable up to +100°C)

Uprights delivered neutral without clip, but these are delivered with the shelf inserts.

Fully accessible from both sides as no crossed bracing is required.

Possible mounting configurations straight “L” “U” “T” and “+”

Anodized aluminium shelf inserts are reversible (flat tube or half-round).

Possibility of mixing the different qualities of shelf inserts.


Mobile shelving height 1800 and 1907mm

Low fixed shelving height 300mm

Low mobile shelving height 440mm


Label holder

Wall fixation and ground fixation

Collecting containers adaptable to all lengths of shelf levels (depth 460mm)

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Fermod shelving 6611
Fermod bays 6611
Fermod shelving 6611
Fermod shelving dishwasher proof bays
Assembly of Fermod shelving
Assembly of Fermod shelving
Labels for Fermod shelving 6611
Fermod shelving 6611

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