Soup Kettle Removed

Now at your finger tips!

Just think how great it would be to have a mobile fabricator/welder at your fingertips. Well now you can! One call to Swift Catering and consider the deed done.
Our customer no longer had the need for his soup kettle, so our mobile fabricator/welder cut out the soup kettle and replaced it with a stainless-steel plate which was welded and polished.
The result is amazing and a very happy customer.
If you have a cook suite and any piece of equipment that needs removing this can be achieved. Kitchen remodelling is cheaper and environmentally friendlier than having to discard an entire built in cook suite! Old cookers, fridges, soup kettles and more can be removed, bench alterations, repairs and much more, all stainless steel welded and polished and finished to a high standard.
Can our Mobile Fabricator/Welder remodel your kitchen for a better workflow? Give us a call and find out!







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