Service & Equipment – Essex Cricket – 24+ Years

Service customer for 24+ years

Essex Cricket has been a valued customer of ours for more than 24 years. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the club with our sales manager, Marion, who has been responsible for taking care of their needs. During our visit, we had the opportunity to meet Graham Childs the Stadium Operations Director, who oversees the maintenance of the kitchen and handles various other responsibilities at the club.

Our partnership with the cricket club began in 1998, and since then, it has flourished. Graham expressed his satisfaction with the service we provide in ensuring the smooth functioning of their kitchen, which serves up to 1500 meals per day. He mentioned that our prompt response to repair or replace any equipment has been exceptional. Over the years, we have built a strong business relationship based on trust, and Graham appreciates the ease it brings to his job.

Customer for 24 years +
Operations Director has been Swift Caterings customer for 24+ years

We are grateful for Graham’s kind words and for taking the time to meet with us. We are committed to continuing our collaboration with Essex Cricket for many more years to come.

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