Planning & Design

To arrange a design consultation and survey, please contact us on 01268 491579

Planning & Design

Regardless of the size of the project, our designers approach each one with a sense of pride. At Swift we understand the vital role that a well-designed and efficient kitchen plays in maintaining a safe working environment, reduce waiting times and improve service levels.

A look at our process

•  Once we establish initial contact, we can ascertain the nature of your business and determine your equipment needs.

•  Afterwards, we will schedule a site visit to capture visual documentation and precise measurements to avoid any potential obstacles that may arise.

  A discussion regarding your cuisine, menu and your budget.

•  Utilizing this gathered information and with our expertise, we will develop a well-optimized kitchen design that gives maximum flow.

•  Our design will then be presented to you for approval (3D visuals available at an additional cost).

•  If you are happy with the design we will quote for full installation.

•  We will then produce a service drawing to co-ordinate with other trades.

•  This will highlight possible snags early which will give us the opportunity to rectify any issues before they arise.

•  All our fabricated items will have an individual manufacturing drawing which you will see before the item is put into production so you can make any changes at almost any stage.

•  All our fabrication is manufactured in house by our team of skilled fabricators.

•  All items will be numbered and correspond with our design and delivered by our delivery team to reduce installation time and meet your deadlines.

•  Our installation team will install, test and commission each item to the highest standard.

•  Once we have installed the complete project you will then have training on each item in your new kitchen.

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