GreaseSheild The only Green Eco certified range of Grease Interceptors

GreaseShield ® – Protects the environment whilst harvesting a source of renewable energy.  A range of user friendly, pro-active, fully automated mechanical GreaseShields which separate and remove food solids and fats, oils and greases.  GreaseShield™ prevents blockages in drains and protects pumping stations whilst significantly reducing the loading on waste water treatment plants. The recurring need to pump grease traps and refill with clean water is eliminated as is the use of biological agents, enzymes and chemicals. Frequent pumping costs are eliminated.

Functions & Features

Recirculation – Surface of water spray function to enhance FOG removal and clean outlet weir area. Linked to cleaning LED
Anti-Flood Pump – To maintain normal water level + recalibration feature
Water Connection – Water Solenoid WRAS approved (or similar approval)
CIP Bar, Pressure Switch & Air Sensor


Parts Supplied as Standard

Vortex Flow Controller – Fitted as standard
FlexiPlumb :- 54mm 90° bend(0635P02-54), 34mm 90°(0635P02-34)
Blanking Cap (0635P10)
Key (0509P86)
¾” Braided Hose For Hot Water (0214P15)

For more information please contact us on 01268 491579

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