Fabrication & Manufacturing

Whether you’re envisioning your ideal kitchen or a distinctive bar design, our in-house designers and fabricators will turn your vision into reality, contact us on 01268 491579 to get started

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Our fabricators have extensive experience and expertise in working with stainless steel, delivering durable and functional kitchen equipment that meets high-quality standards. They are able to understand and execute precise specifications, ensuring that the final product meets our customers’ needs and expectations.

Below are just some of the materials available:

High Grade Stainless Steel • Powder Coating • Solid or Veneered Wood • Copper • Brass • Corian • Marble • Granite

Heated, cold or ambient sections can be added, along with sinks, ice wells, speed rails, bottle coolers and any other variation you can think of.

Ventilation & Extraction Systems

Our ventilation systems are designed to ensure compliance with Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association (HVAC) DW172 standards. They are fully gas interlocked and compliant with British Standards BS-6173. Our extraction canopies are custom-designed to suit the specific requirements of each individual site. These canopies can incorporate various features to enhance functionality and efficiency. Some examples include inlet air systems, tempered air supply, carbon filter systems, UV lights, and more. Our team will work closely with our customers to determine the best combination of features to meet their needs. In addition to the practical application of our extraction systems, we also offer stylish front-of-house solutions for “theatre” style cooking. These solutions are designed to not only provide effective extraction but also enhance the visual appeal of the cooking area.

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