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Equipment Supply

Although we have both given and received great support to the top brands in the industry it has always been our policy to resist a single tie-up. This allows us the opportunity to offer completely unbiased advice when identifying customers needs.

Swift is an established member of Cedabond, the UK’s most effective catering equipment buying and marketing consortium, this gives us preferential access to the UK’s most significant catering equipment suppliers. We work with the customer to identify the best possible item of equipment to perform the task they require. We can then also look at budgets and the customers desires as to what manufacturer they would like us to quote. This gives the customer the flexibility to ask for an alternative to what they have asked for and we can advise on
those alternatives once we have spoken with the customer and discovered their needs. (Read more about various catering equipment from our blog).


Swift has been involved in countless projects ranging from single items through to complex multi-discipline installations often with Swift holding project management responsibility. The experience, together with our continuous training programme, ensures that our own in house installation teams can work from layout drawings and are used to finding solutions to unexpected problems that may occur. (More information on or planning and installation can be found here).

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