BGL Rieber Hybrid Kitchen 200

Prime cooking, regeneration, hot holding, baking – all using just one 13-amp socket

Hybrid kitchen® is more than just a mobile oven on wheels.

It is a highly efficient conventional oven up to 200°C but is designed to work from a 13 amp socket.  It is also a regeneration oven, slow cooker, baking oven, holds food hot and comes with a core temperature probe.

Hybrid 200 is ideal for bulk regeneration, conventional cooking or holding.

With a single compartment and digital control, it is compact, mobile and easy to move around, ideal for the regeneration and serving of meals where there is limited space or access.

With capacity for 8 x 1/1 GN 65mm deep, this powerful, front loading trolley runs off a 13-amp socket and heats up to 200°C.
  • High-quality, hygienic stainless steel, inside and out
  • Interior tightly welded with seamless, deep-drawn guide rails
  • Double-walled insulation, low heat/cold loss
  • Integrated, refillable water tank for humidification
  • Optional twin zone
  • Safe two-stage door lock
  • Mobile with robust lockable castors and pushing handle
  • Corner bumpers for bumper protection
  • Suitable for outdoor use, splash-proof (IPX4)
  • Detachable door and removable door seal, quick and easy cleaning

If you would like any information on the BGL Rieber range that is available, please call us on 01268 491579, our sales team are happy to help.

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